Sip, Savor, and Create: Breville Latte Art Competition in Cebu

Breville coffee maker at SM City Cebu Philippines
Group picture of the CatPR Admin and Bisaya Youtubers Club BYC in SM Cebu City Philippines

In the realm of culinary innovation, Breville stands as an emblem of excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of kitchen technology. This time, we found ourselves at the forefront of the brewing artistry, thanks to a special invitation from CatPR and Breville Philippines. Our journey took us to the heart of coffee culture in Cebu, where the Breville Latte Art competition unfolded, welcoming not only us but also our fellow Co-Content Creators from BYC Bisaya YouTubers Club and other esteemed media groups.

With CatPR and BYC Bisaya Youtubers Club | Photo Credit: JmT MindSet

On a rainy afternoon of September 29, 2023, from 1 to 4 pm, SM City Cebu served as the stage for an event that celebrated the intricate world of latte artistry. At the heart of it all was the coveted grand prize: the Breville Barista Express, a masterpiece valued at a staggering P59,999.

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Crafting Art One Cup at a Time

As we arrived, the participants displayed a delightful blend of nerves and composure. Their focus was unwavering, and each movement was a carefully orchestrated dance of milk and coffee. Their hands transformed everyday lattes into mesmerizing artworks, an inspiring testament to their dedication and artistry.

One particular round left the judges in awe. The skill and creativity displayed by the participants made it exceptionally challenging to choose a winner. It was evident that every drop of coffee held a story, and every frothy design was a labor of love.

Latte Art: Beyond the Coffee Cup

Latte art is the embodiment of turning a regular cup of coffee into a visual and sensory masterpiece. It transcends the act of sipping; it’s an experience that combines skill, precision, and passion. Every intricate design – from delicate hearts to mesmerizing rosettes – is a canvas where baristas pour their hearts and souls, creating something extraordinary.

In a world where coffee has evolved into an art form, latte artists are the unsung heroes. Every pour, every stroke, and every design is a celebration of coffee culture, an ode to the possibilities hidden within a cup of java.

A Symphony for the Senses

Beyond the visual spectacle, we all had the privilege to savor the fruits of their labor. The event offered a delightful opportunity to taste Cebu’s local pride, Tuburan Drip Coffee. Handpicked and roasted with care, every sip of this brew was a symphony for the senses.

CatPR Representative Sarah and gifts from the Breville Coffee Competition Cebu Philippine

Our gracious hosts from CatPR ensured that the experience extended beyond the competition. We, along with our co-content creators, received thoughtful gift bags. The Breville Tote bag, the insulated mug with a matching spoon and coaster, and the delectable offerings of Cebu’s Tuburan Drip Coffee and Arla 100% Natural Milk Goodness, were tokens of appreciation that warmed our hearts.

Announcing the Winners

And now, a highlight of the event – the winners of the Pour Your Art Out (Year 3) Latte Art Throwdown at SM Cebu by Breville Philippines. Jhannah Gerobiese (3rd Place) brings home a Breville Compact Kettle, Mark Joseph Leal (2nd Place), a Breville Smart Grinder Pro, and Jaymar Gojo (1st Place) was awarded a Breville Barista Express worth Php 59, 999.

The overarching sentiment of the day was one of gratitude and excitement. We were grateful for the chance to witness the awe-inspiring Latte art competition, to partake in the flavorful delights, and to share the experience with our fellow enthusiasts. The passion of baristas and the artistry of latte creators had enriched our day, reminding us that even a humble cup of coffee can be a canvas for creativity.

We invite you to brew with us, savor with us, and create with us as we dive into the artful world of latte, brought to life by Breville.

Breville Philippines Pour Your Art Out – Year 3: Latte Art Throwdown A latte art competition on Sept 29, 2023 at SM City…

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